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Boat form - L1200mm. Glazed from melted wood ash.

Large Jar - H640mm D650mm. Shino glaze and melted wood ash.

Jar - H720mm D680mm. Fired in the firebox, glaze from melted wood ash.

As previous. Carbon trap glaze from pot being partially buried in ember.

Tea caddy - H240mm D115mm. Shino type glaze.

Ginger Jar - H340mm D240mm. Copper red glaze.

Large Jar with lugs. H680mm D650mm. Fired on one side in the fire box. Buried in ember, glaze from melted wood ash.

Plant pot - H700mm D670mm. Wood ash glaze.

Ginger Jar - H340mm D240mm. Copper red glaze.

Tea caddy -H220mm D120mm. Shino type glaze.

View of the pottery.

The kiln - 1000 ft3, Nabori-gamma, 5 chambers.

Platter - D480mm. Shino type glazes.

Teapot - H160mm. 6 cup. Wood ash glaze.

Outdoor view of pottery.

Full heat in the front firebox. This is pot No. 7 during the firing.

Platter - D550mm. Copper red glaze.

Boat form - L1200 Fired in the firebox. Wood ash glaze.

Firing the kiln.

Stoking the main firebox.

View of the display deck.

Unpacking the kiln. (Pot No.7).

Baking dish - D300mm. Shino type glaze with finger wipe decoration.

Side stoking the second chamber.

Unpacking the firebox.

Cut sided bowl - D150mm. Shino type glaze.

Large Jar - H 680mm D620mm. Wood ash glaze, from firing process.

Pipe form - H1050mm. Buried in the ember, glaze from melted wood ash.

Detail of previous pipe form.

Jar with lugs - H685mm D650mm. Wood ash glaze

Large Copper red jar - H680 D600mm. Copper red glaze.

Ruined boat - 1200mm W250mm. Buried in the ember, wood ash glaze.

Reverse side of above pipe form
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